How to use Time.is

Save time by investing a few minutes in learning how to use Time.is more efficiently!

Keyboard shortcuts

FToggle fullscreen
shift DToggle dark theme
shift ZCycle through clock sizes
shift SToggle sound
shift MToggle menu
.Toggle seconds, tenths and milliseconds
shift TGo to time zone converter
shift CGo to calendar
shift OGo to options
shift UGo to time.is/UTC
$Go to Currency World (currency converter)
?Go to this page
homeWhen at the top of the page: Go to the Time.is home page
1 - 9Go to favorite location 1-9
escExit fullscreen, search, or menu
/Go to the search box. You can also start a search by pressing any letter except F.

Shortcuts for touch screen and mouse

  • Press the date below the clock to open the calendar.
  • Press the left side of the clock to toggle fullscreen.
  • Press the right side of the clock to toggle seconds, tenths and milliseconds. (This function must be enabled in the configuration.)

URLs for specific locations

URLs on Time.is are simple. To see what time it is in London, just go to time.is/London.

Time zone URLs

To see what time it is in a specific time zone, use the time zone abbreviation.
Example: The URL for Pacific Time is time.is/PT.
  • Some time zone abbreviations are ambiguous. In these cases the most popular time zone is addressed by the abbreviation, while others have the time zone name spelled out in the URL.
    Example: The URL for India Standard Time is time.is/IST, while Israel Time is found at time.is/Israel_Time.
  • You can also type the full name into the URL instead of using the abbreviation.
    Example: If you go to time.is/Greenwich Mean Time, you will be redirected to time.is/GMT.

Customization of Time.is

You can change language, time format, date format and other useful options on the configuration page.
недела, 21 јули, 2024, недела 29
Ice Cream Day / Belgian National Day