Time in Federal District, Brazília now

streda, apríl 21, 2021, týždeň 16
Sun: ↑ 06:20 ↓ 17:59 (11h 40m) More info

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The IANA time zone identifier for Federal District is America/Sao_Paulo.
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Time difference
from Federal District

Los Angeles
4 hodiny
4 hodiny
2 hodiny
2 hodiny
New York
1 hodiny
1 hodiny
1 hodiny
1 hodiny
São Paulo0
UTC+3 hodiny
Lagos+4 hodiny
Londýn+4 hodiny
Johannesburg+5 hodiny
Káhira+5 hodiny
Paríž+5 hodiny
Zurich+5 hodiny
Istanbul+6 hodiny
Moskva+6 hodiny
Dubaj+7 hodiny
Mumbai+8,5 hodiny
Hong Kong+11 hodiny
Singapur+11 hodiny
Šanghaj+11 hodiny
Tokio+12 hodiny
Sydney+13 hodiny
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