Summer time all year in Magallanes, Chile


Chile's southernmost region, Magallanes, will be observing daylight saving time all year. Magallanes is currently observing DST, and the transition back to standard time, scheduled for 14 May, 2017, has been cancelled.

Magallanes is 3 hours behind UTC.

Magallanes will need its own time zone id in the IANA time zone database. It will be named America/Punta_Arenas, after the largest city of the region.

Chile (including Easter Island) will after the change have a total of 3 time zones.

Chile reintroduced DST in 2016.

Time now in Magallanes: https://time.is/Magallanes,_Chile
Time now in Chile: https://time.is/Chile
Time now on Easter Island: https://time.is/Easter_Island

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