Yukon is cancelling seasonal time changes


The Government of Yukon, Canada announced yesterday that Yukon will end the practice of twice annual seasonal time changes. After Yukoners adjust their clocks on March 8, the territory will remain on Pacific Daylight Saving Time.

In a survey about seasonal time change made by the goverment of Yukon, 93 per cent of the respondents wanted to stop the time changes. 70 per cent of those opposed to time changes were in favour of permanent Pacific Daylight Time.

Yukon has been alternating between PST (UTC -8) and PDT (UTC -7). After 8 March, 2020, Yukon will be permanently in the PDT (UTC -7) time zone.

Wikipedia about Yukon: "Yukon is the smallest and westernmost of Canada's three territories. It has the smallest population of any province or territory in Canada, with a population of 35,874 people. Whitehorse, the territorial capital and Yukon's only city, is the largest settlement in any of the three territories." Read more about Yukon on Wikipedia.

Time now in Yukon: https://time.is/Yukon
Pacific Daylight Time now: https://time.is/PDT

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