Tiden i Somerset, Bermuda nu

tisdag 23 juli 2024, vecka 30
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Time zone info for Somerset

UTC -3
Atlantic Time (AT)
nu 1 timme före New York
söndag mars 10 2024
Latest change: Summer time started
  • Switched to UTC -3 / Atlantic Daylight Time (ADT).
  • The time was set forward en timme from 02:00 to 03:00 local time.
söndag november 3 2024
Next change: Winter time starts
  • Switching to UTC -4 / Atlantic Standard Time (AST).
  • The time will be set back en timme from 02:00 to 01:00 local time.

Time difference
from Somerset

Los Angeles
4 timmar
4 timmar
2 timmar
2 timmar
New York
1 timmar
1 timmar
1 timmar
1 timmar
São Paulo0
UTC+3 timmar
Lagos+4 timmar
London+4 timmar
Johannesburg+5 timmar
Paris+5 timmar
Zürich+5 timmar
Istanbul+6 timmar
Kairo+6 timmar
Moskva+6 timmar
Dubai+7 timmar
Mumbai+8,5 timmar
Hongkong+11 timmar
Shanghai+11 timmar
Singapore+11 timmar
Tokyo+12 timmar
Sydney+13 timmar
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