Tiden i S:t Lucia nu

lördag 22 juni 2024, vecka 25
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Time zone info for S:t Lucia

UTC -4
Atlantic Standard Time (AST)
nu same time as New York

Time difference
from S:t Lucia

Los Angeles
3 timmar
3 timmar
1 timmar
1 timmar
New York0
São Paulo+1 timmar
UTC+4 timmar
Lagos+5 timmar
London+5 timmar
Johannesburg+6 timmar
Paris+6 timmar
Zürich+6 timmar
Istanbul+7 timmar
Kairo+7 timmar
Moskva+7 timmar
Dubai+8 timmar
Mumbai+9,5 timmar
Hongkong+12 timmar
Shanghai+12 timmar
Singapore+12 timmar
Tokyo+13 timmar
Sydney+14 timmar
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S:t Lucia on the map

Annual average temperatures
for S:t Lucia 1901-2021

Each of the stripes represents one year.
Graphics by Ed Hawkins, using data from Berkeley Earth.
See showyourstripes.info.

10 places in
S:t Lucia

Anse La Raye Bisee Canaries Castries Dennery Gros Islet Micoud Praslin Soufrière Vieux Fort