The world's most compact calendar?

This calendar packs all 12 months of one year into a super-compact format.
2024  Сеп.
18152229 НедПонУтоСреЧетПетСуб
29162330 ПонУтоСреЧетПетСубНед
310172431 УтоСреЧетПетСубНедПон
4111825 СреЧетПетСубНедПонУто
5121926 ЧетПетСубНедПонУтоСре
6132027 ПетСубНедПонУтоСреЧет
7142128 СубНедПонУтоСреЧетПет
  • Јануар, Март, Мај, Јули, Август, Октобар и Децембар увек имају 31 дан.
  • Април, Јун, Септембар и Новембар увек има 30 дана.
  • Фебруар има 28 дана у не преступној години, и 29 дана у преступној години.
  • 2024 је преступна година.

Календар за остале године

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Examples of how to use the compact calendar

  • Which day of the week will your birthday be on?
    Find the month at the top, and the day number on the left side. The day of the week is indicated where the day number row crosses the month column.
  • How many Sundays are there in May this year?
    Find the Sunday below the May header, and then count the numbers on the left side of the row.
  • When will daylight saving time start in the United States this year?
    Daylight saving time in the United States starts on the second Sunday of March, so if you find Sunday in the March column, you will find the date in the second number column.

Скраћенице на тастатури

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Следећа година
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Корисни савети

  • Place the mouse pointer on a day name to highlight rows and columns.
  • Press the year number to change year (left side for previous year, right side for next).

The origin of this calendar is unknown. It is also referred to as a "one-page calendar". It was popularized in an article by Ethan Siegel, and adapted to web by Even Scharning of Time.is.

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The world's most compact calendar?
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