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Segunda-feira, Maio 27, 2024, semana 22

Time zone info for Aalst

UTC +2
Central European Summer Time (CEST)
agora 6 horas adiantado em relação a Nova Iorque
Domingo Março 31 2024
Latest change: Summer time started
  • Switched to UTC +2 / Central European Summer Time (CEST).
  • The time was set forward uma hora from 02:00 to 03:00 local time.
Domingo Outubro 27 2024
Next change: Winter time starts
  • Switching to UTC +1 / Central European Time (CET).
  • The time will be set back uma hora from 03:00 to 02:00 local time.

Time difference
from Aalst

Los Angeles
9 horas
9 horas
7 horas
7 horas
Nova Iorque
6 horas
6 horas
6 horas
6 horas
São Paulo
5 horas
5 horas
2 horas
2 horas
1 horas
1 horas
1 horas
1 horas
Cairo+1 horas
Istambul+1 horas
Moscovo+1 horas
Dubai+2 horas
Mumbai+3.5 horas
Hong Kong+6 horas
Singapura+6 horas
Xangai+6 horas
Tóquio+7 horas
Sydney+8 horas
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