Please note: Most locations in the Central Time zone are currently observing CDT, not CST. See Central Time.

Time in London, Pacific Standard Time, Central Standard Time, Central European Time and New York

Please note: Pacific Standard Time is currently not observed. See Pacific Time.
Please note: Most locations in the Central Time zone are currently observing CDT, not CST. See Central Time.
  • When the time was 01:00PM on Tuesday, March 28 in London, it was 08:00PM in Pacific Standard Time, 06:00AM in Central Standard Time, 08:00AM in New York, and 02:00PM in Central European Time.
  • Time remaining:
  • London is 9 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time, 7 hours ahead of Central Standard Time, 5 hours ahead of New York, and 1 hour behind Central European Time.
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Time difference from London

Pacific Standard Time
9 hours
9 hours
Central Standard Time
7 hours
7 hours
New York
5 hours
5 hours
Central European Time+1 hours


Pacific Standard Time (-9h)

Central Standard Time (-7h)

Central European Time (+1h)

New York (-5h)

Tuesday 01:00PMTuesday 04:00AMTuesday 06:00AMTuesday 02:00PMTuesday 08:00AM
Tuesday 02:00PMTuesday 05:00AMTuesday 07:00AMTuesday 03:00PMTuesday 09:00AM
Tuesday 03:00PMTuesday 06:00AMTuesday 08:00AMTuesday 04:00PMTuesday 10:00AM
Tuesday 04:00PMTuesday 07:00AMTuesday 09:00AMTuesday 05:00PMTuesday 11:00AM
Tuesday 05:00PMTuesday 08:00AMTuesday 10:00AMTuesday 06:00PMTuesday 12:00PM
Tuesday 06:00PMTuesday 09:00AMTuesday 11:00AMTuesday 07:00PMTuesday 01:00PM
Tuesday 07:00PMTuesday 10:00AMTuesday 12:00PMTuesday 08:00PMTuesday 02:00PM
Tuesday 08:00PMTuesday 11:00AMTuesday 01:00PMTuesday 09:00PMTuesday 03:00PM
Tuesday 09:00PMTuesday 12:00PMTuesday 02:00PMTuesday 10:00PMTuesday 04:00PM
Tuesday 10:00PMTuesday 01:00PMTuesday 03:00PMTuesday 11:00PMTuesday 05:00PM
Tuesday 11:00PMTuesday 02:00PMTuesday 04:00PMWednesday 12:00AMTuesday 06:00PM
Wednesday 12:00AMTuesday 03:00PMTuesday 05:00PMWednesday 01:00AMTuesday 07:00PM
Wednesday 01:00AMTuesday 04:00PMTuesday 06:00PMWednesday 02:00AMTuesday 08:00PM
Wednesday 02:00AMTuesday 05:00PMTuesday 07:00PMWednesday 03:00AMTuesday 09:00PM
Wednesday 03:00AMTuesday 06:00PMTuesday 08:00PMWednesday 04:00AMTuesday 10:00PM
Wednesday 04:00AMTuesday 07:00PMTuesday 09:00PMWednesday 05:00AMTuesday 11:00PM
Wednesday 05:00AMTuesday 08:00PMTuesday 10:00PMWednesday 06:00AMWednesday 12:00AM
Wednesday 06:00AMTuesday 09:00PMTuesday 11:00PMWednesday 07:00AMWednesday 01:00AM
Wednesday 07:00AMTuesday 10:00PMWednesday 12:00AMWednesday 08:00AMWednesday 02:00AM
Wednesday 08:00AMTuesday 11:00PMWednesday 01:00AMWednesday 09:00AMWednesday 03:00AM
Wednesday 09:00AMWednesday 12:00AMWednesday 02:00AMWednesday 10:00AMWednesday 04:00AM
Wednesday 10:00AMWednesday 01:00AMWednesday 03:00AMWednesday 11:00AMWednesday 05:00AM
Wednesday 11:00AMWednesday 02:00AMWednesday 04:00AMWednesday 12:00PMWednesday 06:00AM
Wednesday 12:00PMWednesday 03:00AMWednesday 05:00AMWednesday 01:00PMWednesday 07:00AM
Wednesday 01:00PMWednesday 04:00AMWednesday 06:00AMWednesday 02:00PMWednesday 08:00AM
Wednesday 02:00PMWednesday 05:00AMWednesday 07:00AMWednesday 03:00PMWednesday 09:00AM
Wednesday 03:00PMWednesday 06:00AMWednesday 08:00AMWednesday 04:00PMWednesday 10:00AM
Wednesday 04:00PMWednesday 07:00AMWednesday 09:00AMWednesday 05:00PMWednesday 11:00AM
Wednesday 05:00PMWednesday 08:00AMWednesday 10:00AMWednesday 06:00PMWednesday 12:00PM
Wednesday 06:00PMWednesday 09:00AMWednesday 11:00AMWednesday 07:00PMWednesday 01:00PM
Wednesday 07:00PMWednesday 10:00AMWednesday 12:00PMWednesday 08:00PMWednesday 02:00PM
Wednesday 08:00PMWednesday 11:00AMWednesday 01:00PMWednesday 09:00PMWednesday 03:00PM
Wednesday 09:00PMWednesday 12:00PMWednesday 02:00PMWednesday 10:00PMWednesday 04:00PM
Wednesday 10:00PMWednesday 01:00PMWednesday 03:00PMWednesday 11:00PMWednesday 05:00PM
Wednesday 11:00PMWednesday 02:00PMWednesday 04:00PMThursday 12:00AMWednesday 06:00PM
Thursday 12:00AMWednesday 03:00PMWednesday 05:00PMThursday 01:00AMWednesday 07:00PM

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Please note: Most locations in the Central Time zone are currently observing CDT, not CST. See Central Time.
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