Time in Venezuela now

Sunday, July 21, 2024
Ice Cream Day / Belgian National Day
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Time zone info for Venezuela

UTC -4
Venezuelan Standard Time (VET)
now same time as New York

Time difference
from Venezuela

Los Angeles
3 hours
3 hours
1 hours
1 hours
New York0
São Paulo+1 hours
UTC+4 hours
Lagos+5 hours
London+5 hours
Johannesburg+6 hours
Paris+6 hours
Zurich+6 hours
Cairo+7 hours
Istanbul+7 hours
Moscow+7 hours
Dubai+8 hours
Mumbai+9.5 hours
Hong Kong+12 hours
Shanghai+12 hours
Singapore+12 hours
Tokyo+13 hours
Sydney+14 hours
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Venezuela on the map

Annual average temperatures
for Venezuela 1901-2021

Each of the stripes represents one year.
Graphics by Ed Hawkins, using data from Berkeley Earth.
See showyourstripes.info.

The 25 largest cities in

Alto Barinas Barcelona Barinas Barquisimeto Cabimas Caracas Ciudad Bolivar Ciudad Guayana Coro Cumaná Cúa Guarenas Guatire Maracaibo Maracay Maturín Merida Mucumpiz Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Baruta Petare Puerto la Cruz San Cristóbal Santa Teresa del Tuy Turmero Valencia