Time in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada now

Monday, December 6, 2021
Sun: ↑ 08:44AM ↓ 04:55PM (8h 11m) More info

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The IANA time zone identifier for Regina is America/Regina.
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Time difference
from Regina

Los Angeles
2 hours
2 hours
New York+1 hours
Toronto+1 hours
São Paulo+3 hours
London+6 hours
UTC+6 hours
Lagos+7 hours
Paris+7 hours
Zurich+7 hours
Cairo+8 hours
Johannesburg+8 hours
Istanbul+9 hours
Moscow+9 hours
Dubai+10 hours
Mumbai+11.5 hours
Hong Kong+14 hours
Shanghai+14 hours
Singapore+14 hours
Tokyo+15 hours
Sydney+17 hours
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