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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Time zone

The IANA time zone identifier for Germany is Europe/Berlin.
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Time difference
from Germany

Los Angeles
9 hours
9 hours
7 hours
7 hours
New York
6 hours
6 hours
6 hours
6 hours
São Paulo
4 hours
4 hours
1 hours
1 hours
1 hours
1 hours
Cairo+1 hours
Johannesburg+1 hours
Istanbul+2 hours
Moscow+2 hours
Dubai+3 hours
Mumbai+4.5 hours
Hong Kong+7 hours
Shanghai+7 hours
Singapore+7 hours
Tokyo+8 hours
Sydney+10 hours
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Germany on the map

Annual average temperatures
for Germany 1881-2018

Each of the stripes represents one year.
Graphics by Ed Hawkins, using data from DWD.
See https://showyourstripes.info/

The 50 largest cities in

Aachen Augsburg Berlin Bielefeld Bochum Bonn Bremen Brunswick Chemnitz Cologne Dortmund Dresden Duisburg Dusseldorf Erfurt Essen Frankfurt Freiburg Gelsenkirchen Hagen Halle Neustadt Hamburg Hamm Hanover Herne Karlsruhe Kassel Kiel Krefeld Leipzig Leverkusen Ludwigshafen am Rhein Lübeck Magdeburg Mainz Mannheim Munich Mönchengladbach Münster Neuss Nuremberg Oberhausen Oldenburg Osnabrück Rostock Saarbrücken Solingen Stuttgart Wiesbaden Wuppertal