Eastern Standard Time no

Please note: Most locations in the Eastern Time zone are currently observing EDT, not EST. See Eastern Time.
tysdag 3. oktober 2023, veke 40

Tidssone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

UTC -5
no 1 time etter New York

frå Eastern Standard Time

Los Angeles
2 timar
2 timar
New York+1 timar
Toronto+1 timar
São Paulo+2 timar
UTC+5 timar
Lagos+6 timar
London+6 timar
Canton of Zurich+7 timar
Johannesburg+7 timar
Paris+7 timar
Istanbul+8 timar
Kairo+8 timar
Moskva+8 timar
Dubai+9 timar
Mumbai+10,5 timar
Hong Kong+13 timar
Shanghai+13 timar
Singapore+13 timar
Tokyo+14 timar
Sydney+16 timar
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