Anywhere on Earth

Anywhere on Earth (AoE) is a calendar designation which indicates that a period expires when the date passes everywhere on Earth.

The last place on Earth where any date exists, is in the IDLW (International Date Line West) time zone, on the "Hawaii side" of the International Date Line, where Howland Island and Baker Island are situated. The IDLW time zone has the largest negative UTC offset of all time zones (-12 hours). Therefore, it is the last time zone for any day to exist, and the day ends AoE when it ends in the IDLW time zone.
samedi 11 juillet 2020, semaine 28

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Los Angeles+5 heures
Chicago+7 heures
New York+8 heures
Toronto+8 heures
São Paulo+9 heures
UTC+12 heures
Lagos+13 heures
Londres+13 heures
Johannesbourg+14 heures
Le Caire+14 heures
Paris+14 heures
Zurich+14 heures
Istanbul+15 heures
Moscou+15 heures
Dubaï+16 heures
Mumbai+17,5 heures
Hong Kong+20 heures
Shanghai+20 heures
Singapour+20 heures
Tokyo+21 heures
Sydney+22 heures
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