Greenwich Mean Time

Please note: GMT is currently not observed in the UK. See London for the time in the UK and London.
viernes, junio 18, 2021, semana 24

Zona horaria

El identificador de zona horaria IANA para Greenwich Mean Time son GMT, Africa/Abidjan, Africa/Accra, Africa/Bamako, Africa/Banjul, Africa/Bissau, Africa/Conakry, Africa/Dakar, Africa/Freetown, Africa/Lome, Africa/Monrovia, Africa/Nouakchott, Africa/Ouagadougou, Africa/Sao_Tome, America/Danmarkshavn, Atlantic/Reykjavik y Atlantic/St_Helena.
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Diferencia de tiempo
from Greenwich Mean Time

Los Ángeles
7 horas
7 horas
5 horas
5 horas
Nueva York
4 horas
4 horas
4 horas
4 horas
São Paulo
3 horas
3 horas
Lagos+1 horas
Londres+1 horas
Cairo+2 horas
Johannesburgo+2 horas
París+2 horas
Zurich+2 horas
Estambul+3 horas
Moscú+3 horas
Dubái+4 horas
Mumbai+5,5 horas
Hong Kong+8 horas
Shangai+8 horas
Singapur+8 horas
Tokio+9 horas
Sydney+10 horas
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