Lokal tid nu i Thule, Grønland

fredag, 29. maj, uge 22, 2020
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The IANA time zone identifier for Thule is America/Thule.
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Time difference
from Thule

Los Angeles
4 timer
4 timer
2 timer
2 timer
New York
1 timer
1 timer
1 timer
1 timer
São Paulo0
UTC+3 timer
Lagos+4 timer
London+4 timer
Johannesburg+5 timer
Kairo+5 timer
Paris+5 timer
Zurich+5 timer
Istanbul+6 timer
Moskva+6 timer
Dubai+7 timer
Mumbai+8,5 timer
Hongkong+11 timer
Shanghai+11 timer
Singapore+11 timer
Tokyo+12 timer
Sydney+13 timer
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