Please note: Most locations in the Central Time zone are currently observing CDT, not CST. See Central Time.

Time in London, Pacific Standard Time, Central Standard Time, Central European Time and UTC+8

Please note: Pacific Standard Time is currently not observed. See Pacific Time.
Please note: Most locations in the Central Time zone are currently observing CDT, not CST. See Central Time.
  • When the time was 01:00PM on Monday, April 17 in London, it was 08:00PM in Pacific Standard Time, 06:00AM in Central Standard Time, 02:00PM in Central European Time, and 08:00PM in UTC+8.
  • Time remaining:
  • London is 9 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time, 7 hours ahead of Central Standard Time, 1 hour behind Central European Time, and 7 hours behind UTC+8.
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Time difference from London

Pacific Standard Time
9 hours
9 hours
Central Standard Time
7 hours
7 hours
Central European Time+1 hours
UTC+8+7 hours


Pacific Standard Time (-9h)

Central Standard Time (-7h)

Central European Time (+1h)

UTC+8 (+7h)

Monday 01:00PMMonday 04:00AMMonday 06:00AMMonday 02:00PMMonday 08:00PM
Monday 02:00PMMonday 05:00AMMonday 07:00AMMonday 03:00PMMonday 09:00PM
Monday 03:00PMMonday 06:00AMMonday 08:00AMMonday 04:00PMMonday 10:00PM
Monday 04:00PMMonday 07:00AMMonday 09:00AMMonday 05:00PMMonday 11:00PM
Monday 05:00PMMonday 08:00AMMonday 10:00AMMonday 06:00PMTuesday 12:00AM
Monday 06:00PMMonday 09:00AMMonday 11:00AMMonday 07:00PMTuesday 01:00AM
Monday 07:00PMMonday 10:00AMMonday 12:00PMMonday 08:00PMTuesday 02:00AM
Monday 08:00PMMonday 11:00AMMonday 01:00PMMonday 09:00PMTuesday 03:00AM
Monday 09:00PMMonday 12:00PMMonday 02:00PMMonday 10:00PMTuesday 04:00AM
Monday 10:00PMMonday 01:00PMMonday 03:00PMMonday 11:00PMTuesday 05:00AM
Monday 11:00PMMonday 02:00PMMonday 04:00PMTuesday 12:00AMTuesday 06:00AM
Tuesday 12:00AMMonday 03:00PMMonday 05:00PMTuesday 01:00AMTuesday 07:00AM
Tuesday 01:00AMMonday 04:00PMMonday 06:00PMTuesday 02:00AMTuesday 08:00AM
Tuesday 02:00AMMonday 05:00PMMonday 07:00PMTuesday 03:00AMTuesday 09:00AM
Tuesday 03:00AMMonday 06:00PMMonday 08:00PMTuesday 04:00AMTuesday 10:00AM
Tuesday 04:00AMMonday 07:00PMMonday 09:00PMTuesday 05:00AMTuesday 11:00AM
Tuesday 05:00AMMonday 08:00PMMonday 10:00PMTuesday 06:00AMTuesday 12:00PM
Tuesday 06:00AMMonday 09:00PMMonday 11:00PMTuesday 07:00AMTuesday 01:00PM
Tuesday 07:00AMMonday 10:00PMTuesday 12:00AMTuesday 08:00AMTuesday 02:00PM
Tuesday 08:00AMMonday 11:00PMTuesday 01:00AMTuesday 09:00AMTuesday 03:00PM
Tuesday 09:00AMTuesday 12:00AMTuesday 02:00AMTuesday 10:00AMTuesday 04:00PM
Tuesday 10:00AMTuesday 01:00AMTuesday 03:00AMTuesday 11:00AMTuesday 05:00PM
Tuesday 11:00AMTuesday 02:00AMTuesday 04:00AMTuesday 12:00PMTuesday 06:00PM
Tuesday 12:00PMTuesday 03:00AMTuesday 05:00AMTuesday 01:00PMTuesday 07:00PM
Tuesday 01:00PMTuesday 04:00AMTuesday 06:00AMTuesday 02:00PMTuesday 08:00PM
Tuesday 02:00PMTuesday 05:00AMTuesday 07:00AMTuesday 03:00PMTuesday 09:00PM
Tuesday 03:00PMTuesday 06:00AMTuesday 08:00AMTuesday 04:00PMTuesday 10:00PM
Tuesday 04:00PMTuesday 07:00AMTuesday 09:00AMTuesday 05:00PMTuesday 11:00PM
Tuesday 05:00PMTuesday 08:00AMTuesday 10:00AMTuesday 06:00PMWednesday 12:00AM
Tuesday 06:00PMTuesday 09:00AMTuesday 11:00AMTuesday 07:00PMWednesday 01:00AM
Tuesday 07:00PMTuesday 10:00AMTuesday 12:00PMTuesday 08:00PMWednesday 02:00AM
Tuesday 08:00PMTuesday 11:00AMTuesday 01:00PMTuesday 09:00PMWednesday 03:00AM
Tuesday 09:00PMTuesday 12:00PMTuesday 02:00PMTuesday 10:00PMWednesday 04:00AM
Tuesday 10:00PMTuesday 01:00PMTuesday 03:00PMTuesday 11:00PMWednesday 05:00AM
Tuesday 11:00PMTuesday 02:00PMTuesday 04:00PMWednesday 12:00AMWednesday 06:00AM
Wednesday 12:00AMTuesday 03:00PMTuesday 05:00PMWednesday 01:00AMWednesday 07:00AM

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Please note: Most locations in the Central Time zone are currently observing CDT, not CST. See Central Time.
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