Please note: Australia Eastern Standard Time is currently observed only in Queensland. Sydney is currently one hour ahead of AEST. See Australia Eastern Daylight Time

Time in Mountain Time, Pacific Time, Central Time, Eastern Time, UK, India Standard Time, Malaysia, Taiwan and Australian Eastern Standard Time

Please note: Australia Eastern Standard Time is currently observed only in Queensland. Sydney is currently one hour ahead of AEST. See Australia Eastern Daylight Time
  • UK (incl. dependent territories) has 8 time zones. The time zone for the capital London is used here.
  • When the time was 09:30AM on Tuesday, September 7 in Mountain Time, it was 08:30AM in Pacific Time, 10:30AM in Central Time, 11:30AM in Eastern Time, 04:30PM in UK, 09:00PM in India Standard Time, 11:30PM in Malaysia and Taiwan, and 01:30AM on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 in Australian Eastern Standard Time.
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  • Mountain Time is 1 hour ahead of Pacific Time, 1 hour behind Central Time, 2 hours behind Eastern Time, 7 hours behind UK, 11 hours and 30 minutes behind India Standard Time, 14 hours behind Malaysia and Taiwan, and 16 hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time.
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Time difference from Mountain Time

Pacific Time
1 hours
1 hours
Central Time+1 hours
Eastern Time+2 hours
UK+7 hours
India Standard Time+11.5 hours
Malaysia+14 hours
Taiwan+14 hours
Australian Eastern Standard Time+16 hours

Mountain Time

Pacific Time (-1h)

Central Time (+1h)

Eastern Time (+2h)

UK (+7h)

India Standard Time (+11h30m)

Malaysia (+14h)

Taiwan (+14h)

Australian Eastern Standard Time (+16h)

Tuesday 09:30AMTuesday 08:30AMTuesday 10:30AMTuesday 11:30AMTuesday 04:30PMTuesday 09:00PMTuesday 11:30PMTuesday 11:30PMWednesday 01:30AM
Tuesday 10:30AMTuesday 09:30AMTuesday 11:30AMTuesday 12:30PMTuesday 05:30PMTuesday 10:00PMWednesday 12:30AMWednesday 12:30AMWednesday 02:30AM
Tuesday 11:30AMTuesday 10:30AMTuesday 12:30PMTuesday 01:30PMTuesday 06:30PMTuesday 11:00PMWednesday 01:30AMWednesday 01:30AMWednesday 03:30AM
Tuesday 12:30PMTuesday 11:30AMTuesday 01:30PMTuesday 02:30PMTuesday 07:30PMWednesday 12:00AMWednesday 02:30AMWednesday 02:30AMWednesday 04:30AM
Tuesday 01:30PMTuesday 12:30PMTuesday 02:30PMTuesday 03:30PMTuesday 08:30PMWednesday 01:00AMWednesday 03:30AMWednesday 03:30AMWednesday 05:30AM
Tuesday 02:30PMTuesday 01:30PMTuesday 03:30PMTuesday 04:30PMTuesday 09:30PMWednesday 02:00AMWednesday 04:30AMWednesday 04:30AMWednesday 06:30AM
Tuesday 03:30PMTuesday 02:30PMTuesday 04:30PMTuesday 05:30PMTuesday 10:30PMWednesday 03:00AMWednesday 05:30AMWednesday 05:30AMWednesday 07:30AM
Tuesday 04:30PMTuesday 03:30PMTuesday 05:30PMTuesday 06:30PMTuesday 11:30PMWednesday 04:00AMWednesday 06:30AMWednesday 06:30AMWednesday 08:30AM
Tuesday 05:30PMTuesday 04:30PMTuesday 06:30PMTuesday 07:30PMWednesday 12:30AMWednesday 05:00AMWednesday 07:30AMWednesday 07:30AMWednesday 09:30AM
Tuesday 06:30PMTuesday 05:30PMTuesday 07:30PMTuesday 08:30PMWednesday 01:30AMWednesday 06:00AMWednesday 08:30AMWednesday 08:30AMWednesday 10:30AM
Tuesday 07:30PMTuesday 06:30PMTuesday 08:30PMTuesday 09:30PMWednesday 02:30AMWednesday 07:00AMWednesday 09:30AMWednesday 09:30AMWednesday 11:30AM
Tuesday 08:30PMTuesday 07:30PMTuesday 09:30PMTuesday 10:30PMWednesday 03:30AMWednesday 08:00AMWednesday 10:30AMWednesday 10:30AMWednesday 12:30PM
Tuesday 09:30PMTuesday 08:30PMTuesday 10:30PMTuesday 11:30PMWednesday 04:30AMWednesday 09:00AMWednesday 11:30AMWednesday 11:30AMWednesday 01:30PM
Tuesday 10:30PMTuesday 09:30PMTuesday 11:30PMWednesday 12:30AMWednesday 05:30AMWednesday 10:00AMWednesday 12:30PMWednesday 12:30PMWednesday 02:30PM
Tuesday 11:30PMTuesday 10:30PMWednesday 12:30AMWednesday 01:30AMWednesday 06:30AMWednesday 11:00AMWednesday 01:30PMWednesday 01:30PMWednesday 03:30PM
Wednesday 12:30AMTuesday 11:30PMWednesday 01:30AMWednesday 02:30AMWednesday 07:30AMWednesday 12:00PMWednesday 02:30PMWednesday 02:30PMWednesday 04:30PM
Wednesday 01:30AMWednesday 12:30AMWednesday 02:30AMWednesday 03:30AMWednesday 08:30AMWednesday 01:00PMWednesday 03:30PMWednesday 03:30PMWednesday 05:30PM
Wednesday 02:30AMWednesday 01:30AMWednesday 03:30AMWednesday 04:30AMWednesday 09:30AMWednesday 02:00PMWednesday 04:30PMWednesday 04:30PMWednesday 06:30PM
Wednesday 03:30AMWednesday 02:30AMWednesday 04:30AMWednesday 05:30AMWednesday 10:30AMWednesday 03:00PMWednesday 05:30PMWednesday 05:30PMWednesday 07:30PM
Wednesday 04:30AMWednesday 03:30AMWednesday 05:30AMWednesday 06:30AMWednesday 11:30AMWednesday 04:00PMWednesday 06:30PMWednesday 06:30PMWednesday 08:30PM
Wednesday 05:30AMWednesday 04:30AMWednesday 06:30AMWednesday 07:30AMWednesday 12:30PMWednesday 05:00PMWednesday 07:30PMWednesday 07:30PMWednesday 09:30PM
Wednesday 06:30AMWednesday 05:30AMWednesday 07:30AMWednesday 08:30AMWednesday 01:30PMWednesday 06:00PMWednesday 08:30PMWednesday 08:30PMWednesday 10:30PM
Wednesday 07:30AMWednesday 06:30AMWednesday 08:30AMWednesday 09:30AMWednesday 02:30PMWednesday 07:00PMWednesday 09:30PMWednesday 09:30PMWednesday 11:30PM
Wednesday 08:30AMWednesday 07:30AMWednesday 09:30AMWednesday 10:30AMWednesday 03:30PMWednesday 08:00PMWednesday 10:30PMWednesday 10:30PMThursday 12:30AM
Wednesday 09:30AMWednesday 08:30AMWednesday 10:30AMWednesday 11:30AMWednesday 04:30PMWednesday 09:00PMWednesday 11:30PMWednesday 11:30PMThursday 01:30AM
Wednesday 10:30AMWednesday 09:30AMWednesday 11:30AMWednesday 12:30PMWednesday 05:30PMWednesday 10:00PMThursday 12:30AMThursday 12:30AMThursday 02:30AM
Wednesday 11:30AMWednesday 10:30AMWednesday 12:30PMWednesday 01:30PMWednesday 06:30PMWednesday 11:00PMThursday 01:30AMThursday 01:30AMThursday 03:30AM
Wednesday 12:30PMWednesday 11:30AMWednesday 01:30PMWednesday 02:30PMWednesday 07:30PMThursday 12:00AMThursday 02:30AMThursday 02:30AMThursday 04:30AM
Wednesday 01:30PMWednesday 12:30PMWednesday 02:30PMWednesday 03:30PMWednesday 08:30PMThursday 01:00AMThursday 03:30AMThursday 03:30AMThursday 05:30AM
Wednesday 02:30PMWednesday 01:30PMWednesday 03:30PMWednesday 04:30PMWednesday 09:30PMThursday 02:00AMThursday 04:30AMThursday 04:30AMThursday 06:30AM
Wednesday 03:30PMWednesday 02:30PMWednesday 04:30PMWednesday 05:30PMWednesday 10:30PMThursday 03:00AMThursday 05:30AMThursday 05:30AMThursday 07:30AM
Wednesday 04:30PMWednesday 03:30PMWednesday 05:30PMWednesday 06:30PMWednesday 11:30PMThursday 04:00AMThursday 06:30AMThursday 06:30AMThursday 08:30AM
Wednesday 05:30PMWednesday 04:30PMWednesday 06:30PMWednesday 07:30PMThursday 12:30AMThursday 05:00AMThursday 07:30AMThursday 07:30AMThursday 09:30AM
Wednesday 06:30PMWednesday 05:30PMWednesday 07:30PMWednesday 08:30PMThursday 01:30AMThursday 06:00AMThursday 08:30AMThursday 08:30AMThursday 10:30AM
Wednesday 07:30PMWednesday 06:30PMWednesday 08:30PMWednesday 09:30PMThursday 02:30AMThursday 07:00AMThursday 09:30AMThursday 09:30AMThursday 11:30AM
Wednesday 08:30PMWednesday 07:30PMWednesday 09:30PMWednesday 10:30PMThursday 03:30AMThursday 08:00AMThursday 10:30AMThursday 10:30AMThursday 12:30PM

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Please note: Australia Eastern Standard Time is currently observed only in Queensland. Sydney is currently one hour ahead of AEST. See Australia Eastern Daylight Time
Monday, October 2, 2023
International Day of Non-Violence - to commemorate the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi
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