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World clock with 7 million locations
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Extremely accurate time, wrapped in an elegant, minimalistic design

Synchronized to atomic clock time with an accuracy down to ±5 milliseconds

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Customize to your preferences

  • Dark/light mode
  • Multiple time and date formats
    (seconds on/off, 12/24 hour mode)
  • Add up to 20 favorite locations
  • Sunrise time, sunset time and day length
  • Supports both landscape and portrait orientation

Instantly convert between time zones

  • Easily find the best time to contact someone in another time zone
  • The time zone database is automatically updated when time zone rules are changed

Calendar with interval calculation

  • Displays from one month to one year at a time
Word clock

Stylish, minimalistic word clock

  • Supports natural mode ("nine to eleven")
    and literal mode ("ten fifty-one")
Word clock

Innovative alarm clock

Three ways to choose alarm time:

  • Draw a line like the hand of a clock
  • Tap anywhere on the timeline
  • Tap the bottom of a digit to decrease it, or the top to increase it
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